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Writing Jobs Overview Writers produce a wide variety of written content, including books, buying guides, ads, product ...

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Writing Jobs Overview

Writers produce a wide variety of written content, including books, buying guides, ads, product descriptions, website copy, instruction manuals, newspaper and magazine articles, as well as theatre, radio, or film scripts. In addition to polished written communication skills (including flawless grammar and spelling), jobs in writing require strong research skills, being capable of processing large amounts of information, creativity, the ability to follow briefs, and being able to concentrate for long periods of time. Given the increasing demand for digital content, writers are often required to have knowledge of marketing, search engine optimisation, and content strategy. Proofreading and editing can also be advantageous, especially as editorial jobs fetch higher earnings.

Writing Jobs Educational Requirements

Writers are not always required to have a relevant qualification, but they often need to prove their skills and show evidence of past work. Having an undergraduate or graduate degree can help find employment, especially if the degree is in English, Creative Writing, Journalism, or Media and Communications. Some writers take specialised copywriting courses, such as those offered by the College of Media and Publishing or the Chartered Institute of Marketing, in order to apply for some writing jobs.

Writing Jobs Market

In-house creative writing jobs are advertised at media outlets, retailers, or at publishing houses (often as part of research or marketing teams). Vacancies can also be advertised as copywriting jobs. Technical writing jobs are more likely to be found at manufacturing firms, pharmaceuticals, or engineering companies. According to the Office for National Statistics, approximately 50 percent of all professional writers are self-employed, and part-time jobs in writing may also be available through content brokers. Experienced writers can supplement their income by teaching writing skills or offering workshops.

Writing Jobs Salary Information

Writing salaries are far from standardised. Some writers are paid by article, as a percentage of sales, or on a royalty basis, whereas in-house writers tend to have a fixed salary. In the case of in-house writers, average salaries vary greatly and can go from £11,000 to £25,000 per year.

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