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Parliamentary reporter

Company Confidential

£22000 - £25000 / Per Year

, undefined

Freelance Online Tutor (Remote)


£13 - £20 / Per Hour

, undefined

Field Claims Manager - Household Property


, undefined

Reward and Recognition Manager

DHL Express

, undefined

Resident Involvement and Performance Information Officer

Railway Housing Association

£36977 / Per Year

, undefined

Software Developer (.NET)


, undefined

Account Manager- UK

NVT Phybridge

£24000 / Per Year

, undefined

Policy & Public Affairs Officer


£13361 - £14388 / Per Year

, undefined

Internal Sales Consultant

Langton Howarth Ltd

£22000 - £24000 / Per Year

, undefined

Work From Home Jobs Overview

If you’ve always dreamed of working from home full-time, then you may just be in luck. Since the global pandemic of 2020, work from home jobs have become more commonplace and in-demand than ever before. So much so, that some companies have gone exclusively remote, while others have adapted to a hybrid method of part week at home and part week at a traditional communal workspace. In fact, Office for National Statistics figures show that work from home job advertisements tripled in 2021, while 85 percent of workers favour a hybrid work style.

Working from home can be incredibly rewarding, as you can work from the familiar comforts of your own space and cut out those pesky and ofttimes costly commutes. Without the noisy distractions of office life, you may be able to get quality work done faster and more efficiently. Plus, if you have children or pets, you may find you suddenly have more quality family time available than beforehand. And with the added convenience of video calls, there’s no reason to feel totally isolated while embracing the work from home lifestyle.

Many different types of roles can be done from home. However, office-based roles are particularly well-suited for work from home jobs. Of course, some jobs simply can’t be done remotely, such as various medical jobs or construction industry roles. But if you do have your heart set on flexible work, you may want to consider these other jobs:

Work From Home Education and Skills

The skills and education required for work from home roles will vary for each unique position. Make sure you check what specific skills and qualifications are required for each work from home opportunity you apply for. Yet you will almost certainly require excellent computer and digital skills regardless of the role. You will likely need to be confident in operating a computer and be able to use various software such as Microsoft Word without requiring in-person training.

Also, employers will want to hire remote workers that can demonstrate high organisational skills and a naturally hard-working nature. Your new manager will have to depend on you from afar and won’t be able to oversee you nearly as easily. So these types of jobs tend to suit those best that are highly self-reliant and who can work to a high standard with little supervision needed.

How Much Are Work From Home Employees Paid?

A work from home salary depends entirely on the role and company. Some jobs pay the same for remote and office-based roles. However, some jobs pay slightly less for work from home jobs as they calculate the lack of commuter fees into consideration. Therefore, don’t be afraid to ask if there is any salary difference when applying for remote roles.

A great way to find out what to expect salary-wise is to research salaries in your desired roles and locations. Compare your results to the national average, and how much you’re currently earning now to competing company salaries.

Update Your CV for Work From Home Jobs

If you’re going for a remote role, then you will want to adapt your CV accordingly. Employers will want to see examples of where you’ve excelled in independent projects before, as well as instances of advanced organisational skills. Also, don’t forget to list all your technical and computer-savvy skills, as these are absolutely essential for succeeding at most working from home jobs.

For more advice on how to tailor a remote job CV, use our CV template examples and cover letter templates. Cover letters are a vital component of your application, as they allow you to explain exactly why you’re a perfect fit for the role and add a bit of your personality into the mix.

Interviewing for Your Work From Home Job

Once you’ve landed that all-important first interview, you’re going to want to fully prepare. While an interview from home might not seem as scary as a face-to-face meeting, your potential employer will still expect you to look and behave professionally.

Be sure to dress as well as you would for any interview, and choose a quiet space to interview from, where noise and distractions are to a minimum. For additional advice, we have plenty of interview articles available. These include how to succeed in the interview itself, and how to follow up successfully.

Find Companies That May Interest You

During the application process, it is essential that you thoroughly research each company you apply for. This will help you decide whether the organisation will be a good fit for you, and your knowledge will without a doubt impress interviewers. Use our company profiles to get information on popular UK companies. Here you’ll find:

  • company size and structure
  • benefits and culture
  • locations and headquarters

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