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Wind Turbine Job Overview The U.K. 'green' energy industry is continuing to grow year on year, with wind being one of ...

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Wind Turbine Job Overview

The U.K. 'green' energy industry is continuing to grow year on year, with wind being one of the largest sources of this type of energy. Wind turbine vacancies can involve various duties and responsibilities, ranging from the initial design, development or construction work on a new wind farm to overseeing the maintenance and operation of an existing wind farm. Wind farm jobs can be classified as land-based projects and off-shore wind farm jobs. Regardless of location, the jobs involved in wind farming span a very wide range of activities and professions. Wind turbine technicians, construction managers, HSE advisors, project schedulers, geotechnical engineers, operational renewables analysts and many other types of professionals contribute to the project.

Wind Turbine Jobs Educational Requirements

As with all those wishing to enter into the energy industry as engineers, all wind turbine energy engineer jobs require a degree in science, be it environmental technology, chemical engineering or renewable and sustainable energy, to name but a few. Other ways to enter the industry involve entry-level wind turbine jobs, such as a wind turbine service engineer positions, or apprenticeships. A number of these employment routes do not require any formal degree, and some of the skills required can be learnt with hands-on tasks in off-shore wind jobs, but qualifications and experience as commissioning electricians are a must for wind turbine technician jobs. As for HSE advisor jobs, the criteria here may vary, with some employers favouring experience working on wind farms over level of expertise.

Wind Turbine Jobs Market

The U.K. is putting a lot of investment into sustainable and green energy sources, with wind farms being some of the main beneficiaries, as well as major providers of renewable energy jobs. As wind farms develop, a large number of wind turbine vacancies aim to ensure the growth and lastingness of the wind farming sites.

Wind Turbine Jobs Salary Information

Wind turbine jobs can be very lucrative. For those starting out as energy engineers, earning between £20,000 and £30,000 is a realistic expectation, rising to up to £60,000 with experience. Wind turbine technicians can expect to make around £250 per day. HSE advisor jobs can fetch up to £50,000 per annum.

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