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Web Job Overview The field of web and internet jobs has grown rapidly from its beginnings in the 1990s to an essential ...

Web Developer - MPW (Motorcycle Parts Warehouse)

Portslade, South East/Southern, BN411AG
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IT Support & Web Technician

Southampton, South East/Southern
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Web Developer - HTML, JavaScript, PHP

Brighton, South East/Southern, BN13XP
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Web Job Overview

The field of web and internet jobs has grown rapidly from its beginnings in the 1990s to an essential part of every business. Today, there is a high demand for creators of tablet and smartphone apps, but programmers in more established languages are needed too. Web designers create the layout and appearance of a website, front end developers reproduce the designs using a markup language like HTML, and back end developers produce the site's functionality. These roles may be in-house or at an agency. Web editors and managers handle sites that run off content management systems. For these roles, coding skills are desirable, but less important than familiarity with content management systems, editing and proofreading skills.

Web Job Education Requirements

At the turn of the century, most programmers and developers were self-taught, since their roles were so new. These days, employers are much more likely to require a degree in a related subject, such as computer science, web design, or multimedia. Candidates with some experience are preferred, and an online portfolio showcasing previous work is essential. At least basic computer literacy is necessary, but some roles are less technical than others.

Web Job Market

Since the dot com boom and bust of the early twenty first century, the web job market has continued to grow, despite a dip during the recent recession. Because of the nature of the work, with new languages and technologies developing all the time, the field is constantly changing, and web workers must be sure to keep up with the latest techniques if they are to remain employable. Those who do will always be in demand.

Web Job Salaries

Web workers tend to be well paid compared to others in the same age bracket and with similar levels of education, with freelance careers being the most lucrative. A web developer can expect an average salary of £38,840, a web designer £33,532. A copywriter web editor's salary can range from £23,000 to £40,000, depending on position and experience.

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