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Warehouse Job Overview As the industry flourishes, the United Kingdom's warehouse job market grows daily, offering ...

Warehouse Operative

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Warehouse Job Overview

As the industry flourishes, the United Kingdom's warehouse job market grows daily, offering more and more work opportunities. Soaring demand for warehouse workers has led to positions being made available throughout the UK. From the standard picker and/or operator to positions higher up in hierarchy, such as those in the logistic segment, demand for warehouse personnel is booming. Assistant and manager positions are also becoming available even in major cities all across the UK. Though the warehouse industry offers many job opportunities, it remains a competitive market, where having previous experience, a strong portfolio, good interpersonal skills, and owning the appropriate licences gives candidates an edge over the competition. Warehouse jobs are a good foundation to build upon, with people progressing in their careers to export administration jobs, logistics analyst jobs and other administrative roles.

Warehouse Job Education Requirements

Certain positions in the warehousing industry do not require heavy machinery licences, but owning either a forklift or a crane licence is one of the most important requirements that employers will ask for if you'd like to advance in ranks. Owning this type of licence will also improve your chances of successfully meeting even the most demanding employer's hiring requirements. Due to the large number of foreigners seeking employment in the warehousing industry, some employers in the UK ask for evidence of fluency in English, both written and spoken. Previous job experience and a relevant recommendation will improve an applicant's chances of successfully landing a job in the warehouse industry. Some employers offer professional training courses for quick and easy licensing to employees who don't possess heavy machinery licences. There are also numerous training locations across the UK.

Warehouse Job Market

Statistics show an increase of available positions in the warehouse industry from the end of 2014 to the beginning of 2015. This is mainly due to the constant and steady increase in the number of warehouses being built to cope with the industry's demand. Most of the warehouse jobs made available since 2014 have addressed supervisors and managers.

Warehouse Job Salaries

Recent statistics show that the current annual salary in the warehouse industry varies from close to £13.000 to almost £21.000. With an average annual salary of around £17.000, the warehouse industry continues to be one of the most appealing for aspiring Warehouse Operatives. Supervisor salaries reach the £25,000 threshold, while Warehouse Managers enjoy a £33,000 salary p.a., on average.

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