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Waitress Jobs Overview Eating out is a favourite pastime for the British, helping to make the hospitality industry one ...

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Waitress Jobs Overview

Eating out is a favourite pastime for the British, helping to make the hospitality industry one of the fastest growing in terms of jobs. According to a British Hospitality Association (BHA) report in September 2015, the UK restaurant industry employed 1.5 million people and is predicted to rise to at least 3.31 million jobs by 2020. Waitresses play an important role in making customers feel welcome, so good customer service skills are important. Waitresses can find employment at hotels, restaurant, café, pubs or bars; candidates should consider that the job can include long hours, nights shifts or working weekends and public holidays, depending on the employer. Duties may include preparing tables, greeting customers, advising on menu choices, taking orders, serving meals and processing payments.

Waitress Jobs Education Requirements

Most waitress jobs do not require qualifications or previous experience. Staff learn through on-the-job training, however, with modern tills and hand-held card machines, although having basic computer literacy and numeracy skills can be an advantage. For someone who likes to interact with people, waiting tables can be a great place to develop a career. According to the Hospitality Guild, for people with the right qualities there are opportunities at an early stage for career advancement, including kitchen manager jobs and restaurant manager jobs. Some employers run management training programmes or may encourage staff with management potential to take external qualifications like NVQs.

Waitress Jobs Market

The Office of National Statistics say population numbers will rise by 9.7 million in the next 25 years from 64.6 million in mid-2014 to 74.3 million. As the population grows, we can expect the number of restaurants and hospitality services to increase proportionally, resulting in more waitress jobs.

Waitress Jobs Salary Information

Waitresses are often paid the national minimum wage, although salary may greatly for waitress working at high-end hotels or restaurants. Full-time salaries range from £12,000 to £16,000 a year. In many restaurants, there is the potential for good tips, so providing a good eating out experience for customers can make a sizable addition to the basic salary.

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