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Virtual Assistant Jobs Overview Taking a virtual assistant job is an ideal way to work from home, negating ...


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Virtual Assistant Jobs Overview

Taking a virtual assistant job is an ideal way to work from home, negating travelling time and cost. Many different types of businesses use virtual assistants and it is also possible to work for companies in other countries. Often the work involves administration, such as bookkeeping, secretarial, appointment setting, email management/filtering and generally ensuring company efficiency without ever setting foot inside the office.

Virtual Assistant Jobs Education Requirements

The type of educational requirements for a virtual assistant job are often less important than experience, efficiency, fluent written and spoken English and the ability to cope with whatever is given. Knowing how to use a computer well, plus access to a fast internet service is vital. The position may involve dealing directly with customers, so a professional, yet friendly voice is also important for all virtual assistant jobs and each virtual assistant job brief will explain exactly what is required.

Virtual Assistant Jobs Market

Virtual assistant jobs are becoming very popular with both employers and employees alike, meaning both small and large companies offer them. Entrepreneurs like to use virtual assistants as it negates the need for permanent office premises. As most businesses are looking for general help on a full or part-time basis, any virtual assistant job will require flexibility in both capabilities and time.

Virtual Assistant Jobs Salary Information

Salary will depend very much on the hours worked as some jobs are part time. However, the Society of Virtual Assistants has quoted an average wage of £10,000 to £70,000 per year, depending on the type of work required. The highest salary is for a full time virtual assistant with plenty of experience and who is an excellent problem solver; a novice should expect to earn nearer to the lower level, but will receive on-the-job training.

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