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University Jobs Overview Universities don't just employ academics. A big campus university is almost like its own ...

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University Jobs Overview

Universities don't just employ academics. A big campus university is almost like its own small town: people live, eat, work, do sport, sleep, learn, go out, and do their laundry there. For this reason, universities employ people in any number of different roles, including, but not limited to: administrators, grounds people, nursery assistants, housekeepers, managers, lawyers, librarians, receptionists, HR workers, caterers, events staff, retail assistants, social media professionals, fundraisers, medical staff, some are employed in English teacher jobs for overseas students, careers advisors, and many more.

University Jobs Education and Qualifications

The qualification requirements will vary depending on the role. In order to become a fully-fledged member of academic staff, candidates will require a Ph.D in their chosen field, while nurses or counselling staff will require the appropriate medical or vocational qualification. Entry-level positions in university offices can usually be obtained without a degree, although those wishing to progress or earn more may find that having a degree in an appropriate field may help (for example, all modern universities have marketing departments, and those with appropriate qualifications are more likely to get a marketing job). Shop assistant and cleaning jobs don't usually require specialist qualifications.

University Jobs Market

Owing to the diversity of potential positions, the market availability is heavily determined by the type of job searched for. Higher paid academic positions will be harder to come by than, for example, cleaning or janitorial positions. Some cities are renowned as 'student cities' because of the university's prominence. If you're prepared to travel or commute to one of these locations, you may find a more lucrative job market.

University Jobs Salary Information

In general, universities look after their staff quite well, and most staff members are entitled to join a union. Universities' holiday packages are usually more generous than private businesses', as the university will normally close completely for a period over Christmas and Easter, as well as during normal bank holidays. Pay will vary according to role, but full time lecturers without extra management responsibilities can expect to earn around £34,000 - £43,000 a year (more in London), while housekeepers and cleaners can expect to earn closer to the minimum wage of £6.50 an hour. A full time entry-level office job at a university will usually pay around £15,000 - £20,000, while a lab technician can earn anything from around £16,000 - £33,000 depending on experience and years of service.

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