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Translator Jobs Overview The role of a translator is to transfer the intended message delivered in a document from one ...

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Translator Jobs Overview

The role of a translator is to transfer the intended message delivered in a document from one language to another; these are referred to as the source and target languages. Whilst a translator can work with multiple language pairs, professional standards dictate that the target language is their native language. Translator jobs have benefited from technological advances, having brought greater speed and efficiency to the industry. Translation memory software, which creates a database of previously translated phrases, allows the translator to increase productivity, and project management software allows agencies to assign work to a team of translators, all of whom may be working on the same project simultaneously.

Translator Jobs Education Requirements

The translation process requires a great level of cultural understanding, both of the source and target languages. Specific language characteristics such as semantics, connotations, idioms and synonyms play a major role in achieving an accurate translation. Therefore, language service providers generally expect a translator to be university educated, meaning a Bachelor’s degree in languages is the minimum requirement with most companies preferring the translator to have an MA in Translation Studies.

Translator Jobs Market

Whilst many companies do offer in-house translators jobs, most translator jobs are through a language service provider or agency who employ translators on a freelance basis. Being such a competitive industry, languages from the new and emerging markets can be extremely beneficial. Other employment opportunities in the language service providing industry are also available, project management jobs and proofreading jobs being some of the main ones.

Translator Jobs Salary Information

Most translator jobs are paid per 1,000 words; on a freelance basis this can range from £40-£70+. PayScale states that the average in-house translator salary starts from around £17,500 and can go up to £34,500. The salary of both in-house and freelance translator jobs can vary significantly depending on a number of factors:

  • Translation qualifications
  • Experience
  • Language pair
  • Qualifications in the subject matter
  • Productivity
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