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Trainee Train Driver Jobs Overview Trains are a popular form of public transport and drivers play an important role in ...

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Trainee Train Driver Jobs Overview

Trains are a popular form of public transport and drivers play an important role in the industry. They operate trains on local and national rail networks ensuring that passengers and freight get to their destination safely and on schedule. It's a well-paid and responsible job and competition for trainee train driver vacancies can be tough. Most companies operate on a 35-hour week, often spread over shifts. As well as driving trains, recruits will have other duties, including:

  • Checking equipment before starting each journey
  • Contacting the control centre about any problems
  • Following signalling instructions
  • Making passenger announcements
  • Controlling automatic doors
  • Making sure freight is loaded
  • Following safety regulations

Trainee Train Driver Education Requirements

No specific qualifications are usually needed, although most employers prefer applicants to have 5 GCSEs. With large numbers of people chasing trainee train driver vacancies, some mechanical or electrical knowledge may be useful. Another route into the career is to start work in a maintenance jobs or engineering jobs, possibly in the rail industry. Applicants must pass a rigorous medical test and sit entry exams in mechanical knowledge, English and Maths. If you get past the selection process, the training may last between nine to eighteen months, with assessments at the end of each stage to be passed in order to qualify to be a train driver.

Trainee Train Driver Jobs Market

For many, becoming a train driver was a childhood dream and remains a sought-after occupation. The UK Commission for Employment and Skills (UKCES) lists train drivers as one of 12 careers which it predicts have excellent prospects for the future. There is also scope within the industry to diversify to roles such as a train driving instructor or rail safety manager.

Trainee Train Driver Jobs Salary Information

Trainee drivers can earn between £18,000 and £22,000 per year and newly qualified drivers can earn up to £30,000 per year. As you would expected, experienced drives can earn a lot more, with wages rising to between £35,000 and £48,000 per year.

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