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Traffic Management Jobs Overview Traffic management workers are usually in the private sector, and the two most common ...

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Traffic Management Jobs Overview

Traffic management workers are usually in the private sector, and the two most common job titles in traffic management are operative and enabler. Operatives lay out traffic cones, widen or re-surface roads, put up signs, and otherwise ensure that construction can occur without internal or external traffic difficulty. Enablers ensure that the business they work for has the necessary permits, use highly-specialized software to plan traffic management, and otherwise perform organisational duties. Both typically work 37 to 40 hours a week, with operatives working on shifts, and frequently working away from home.

Traffic Management Jobs Education Requirements

Jobs in traffic management more often require certificates or prior experience than they do university education. College courses and apprenticeships are particularly helpful for this. Many traffic management jobs require that the worker provide their own transportation and have a valid driver's licence. Depending on the employer, specific qualifications such as an NHSS 12AB ticket may be required. These requirements often overlap with those of other construction jobs.

Traffic Management Jobs Market

The traffic management job market is not especially competitive, as traffic managers of all kinds are in high demand throughout the UK. Additionally, not many members of the workforce have the qualifications to work in traffic management on hand. In general, the traffic management job market is much better in areas where large amounts of construction take place, such as city outskirts or planned communities. As well as traffic management jobs, there are plenty of opportunities in transportation traffic manager roles across the country.

Traffic Management Jobs Salary Information

Traffic management operatives may be salaried, or they may be paid by the hour. In both cases, they generally start at £12,000 to £15,000 a year and can reach around £20,000 a year, according to the National Career Service. Figures for traffic management enablers are not as readily available, but online polls indicate that they may make £30,000 a year or more. Traffic management jobs in London are slightly more lucrative on average.

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