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TES Teaching Jobs Overview TES is the world’s largest teachers' network, which also has a strong presence in the UK. ...

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TES Teaching Jobs Overview

TES is the world’s largest teachers' network, which also has a strong presence in the UK. An individual with a zeal for education should consider the variety of TES teaching jobs across different locations that the network provides. Some of the TES vacancies that professionals can apply for include teachers, school leaders, special needs teachers, school support staff and other types of educators. A TES teaching job can be in primary, secondary or higher education. Besides teaching, TES teachers can have administrative duties that depend on the job description.

TES Teaching Jobs Education Requirements

Employers offering TES teaching vacancies measure qualification depending on the position and responsibilities of a hire. A bachelor’s degree in education, for example, is the minimum requirement for a secondary school teacher. In England, education teaching jobs require qualified teacher status (QTS) or teaching qualification (TQ). A PGCE Postgraduate Certificate in Secondary Education is another qualification option. TES teaching jobs for universities and colleges demand higher qualifications such as a graduate degree and PhD. For teaching assistant jobs, a GCSE and qualification in literacy and numeracy are necessary.

TES Teaching Jobs Market

The teaching job market in the UK offers a broad range of options for different professionals. An individual is only limited by his or her qualifications and passion. With the various subjects offered in UK schools, a TES teacher can choose to specialise or focus on one area of education such as special educational needs. The TES Global community in the UK has played a significant role in providing teaching and educational resources for professionals; hence, improving the sector. Newly qualified teachers in the field have had to deal with surprisingly tough competition of late.

TES Teaching Jobs Salary Information

The wide scope of roles available for TES teachers also means that the remuneration varies. The NCS estimates that a full-time teaching assistant can start with a salary of £16,000 to £21,000 a year. A primary school teacher can earn £22,800 a year while the starting salary for a secondary level teacher ranges between £22,466 and £33,159 a year.

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