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Seasonal Temporary Emergency Services RN - Sign On Bonus

Del Sol Medical Center

El Paso, TX

Shipper/Receiver (Temporary)

Vecna Robotics

$20 - $25 / HOUR

Waltham, MA

Warehouse employee


Wijchen, GE

Temporary Packaging


North Mankato, MN

File Clerk PM Shift

Randstad USA

Chicago, IL

HR Assistant - Temporary


Woodland, CA

Financial Compliance Analyst


Newark, NJ

Sales Professional Vacation Relief Temporary

Bimbo Bakeries

Bakersfield, CA

Special Education Learning Center Teacher (Temporary)

Portland Public Schools

Portland, OR

Temporary Jobs Overview

A long-term role isn’t for everyone. There are a variety of temporary jobs that can help you earn extra cash between semesters or make the most of seasonal opportunities like Christmas or school summer holidays. You might pursue this path to try out or get a foot in the door of a new industry, or simply add some flexibility to your career. Many people build their careers on temp jobs, in fact, there are an estimated 1.63 million temporary workers in the UK.

Some of the most common temp jobs are in administration, where you might work for an agency that responds to the needs of businesses looking for fast or short-term solutions. You could also be a temp worker if you’re employment is via a short- or fixed-term contract or you work in certain industries such as construction, retail, and entertainment.

For a career that allows for flexibility and variety, widen your search by also exploring listings for:

Training and Skills for Temporary Positions

The training and skills necessary to nab a temporary position depend on the job you’re pursuing, but they will usually be related to administration or customer service. For these positions, you likely won’t need any formal training as your experience and soft skills will set you in good stead. However, if you’re looking to work in a niche industry, you may be required to undertake specific training.

Try looking at job descriptions, such as this one for a receptionist position and this office assistant role, to get a better idea of what employers are looking for. You should also focus on building skills such as teamwork, problem-solving, and good communication.

Update Your Temporary Worker CV

Before applying to any opportunities, you’ll need a fit-for-purpose CV detailing your experience and suitable skills. Focus on the specific requirements in each job listing to tailor your CV. To achieve the optimal format, use one of our templates like this one for an admin CV, and explore lots more helpful tips and advice on Monster.

The best applications should also be accompanied by a cover letter explaining why you’re worth inviting to the next step.

Interviewing for Temp Jobs

Just because the job you’re applying to isn’t permanent doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take the interview process seriously. Monster has lots of interview tips and advice to help you prepare, including this useful guide to interviews in an assessment centre, which you might encounter when applying for temp jobs in customer service. Note that a temp agency may also ask you to perform some basic competency tests to assess your typing speed and computer skills.

How Much do Temporary Jobs Pay?

Your earnings as a temporary worker will reflect what’s appropriate for the type of job you take on, regardless of its term. However, you may not be entitled to other benefits afforded to permanent employees. A temporary receptionist in the UK makes, on average, £430 per week, while a retail assistant to help companies manage busy periods makes approximately £10 per hour. To know your worth, research the average salary for jobs you’re interested in.

Find Out More About Companies Hiring Temps

Businesses across a variety of industries are looking for temporary employees to help them cater to demand and fulfill their goals. If you have some companies in mind that you’d like to work with, or you’re keen to discover organisations that align with your values, take a look at our company profiles to learn more. To help you find the right fit, we’ve compiled information such as:

  • size and locations
  • company mission
  • daily culture

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