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TEFL Jobs Overview TEFL teachers are responsible for teaching English to non-native speakers. Teachers may specialise ...

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TEFL Jobs Overview

TEFL teachers are responsible for teaching English to non-native speakers. Teachers may specialise in teaching a specific age group (such as young learners or adults) or may focus on teaching English for specific purposes, including Business English or English for Academic Purposes. Some TEFL teachers work in their countries of origin, whereas others choose to teach abroad. TEFL Jobs generally suit individuals interested in living and working in a foreign country. Typical job responsibilities include lesson planning, selecting and/or creating teaching materials, delivering lessons, preparing student progress reports, administering tests, and in some cases, participating in extra-curricular activities that promote student interaction and the acquisition of a second language in a social environment.

TEFL Jobs Education Requirements

In addition to having an excellent command and knowledge of the English language, TEFL teachers are generally required to have an English teaching qualification. The most in-demand qualifications are CELTA and CertTESOL, both of which are 120-hour courses with a practical component. These qualifications are offered by private institutions and affiliated schools all over the world. A first degree in English Literature, Linguistics, Education, or a related subject is also desirable and in fact, employment laws in certain countries require teachers to have a degree or to hold Qualified Teacher Status. A specialist master's degree known as MA TESOL is often required from teachers who wish to apply to senior positions or teacher training jobs.

TEFL Job Market

TEFL teachers typically work at private and government schools, universities, language schools, and English exam preparation centres in English-speaking countries and overseas. English teacher jobs are also available at not-for-profit organisations and community centres, as part of charity jobs. Demand is particularly high in Asia, southern and eastern Europe, and Latin America.

TEFL Job Salary Information

Salaries vary from country to country, but English Teacher Jobs in the UK pay anything between £14,000 and £25,000/year or the equivalent hourly rate. Overseas ESL teacher jobs may include benefits like health insurance, return flights to the teacher's country of origin, and accommodation.

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