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Team Leader Jobs Overview Team leaders can fall into numerous categories, but these positions are most often ...

Team Leader – Administration

Eastleigh, South East/Southern
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Claims Team Leader – CA Division

Eastleigh, South East/Southern
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Customer Service Team Leader

Basingstoke, South East/Southern, RG291BY
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Team Leader Jobs Overview

Team leaders can fall into numerous categories, but these positions are most often associated with professional business roles. Some of the responsibilities of a typical team leader can be to oversee projects, to adhere to completion dates and to communicate with different stakeholders. Whether referring to an assistant manager responsible for a group of employees or a digital marketing coordinator, team leader jobs can be dynamic as they have the potential to be very rewarding.

Team Leader Jobs Education Requirements

Depending upon the industry in question, team leaders may only require hands-on experience gained within the work environment. However, those involved with specialised sectors, such as advertising, marketing or production may need a bachelor's degree in a field such as business management. Team leader jobs in particular sectors, such as financial analyst jobs, may also require degrees in accounting or economics to thrive within a competitive environment.

Team Leader Jobs Market

As this role is rather broad, the demand for qualified team leaders has always been quite high within the United Kingdom. The National Careers Service highlights the fact that positions such as digital marketing managers are predicted to be held by 2.26 million professionals by the year 2020, underlining the growth in the sector.

Team Leader Jobs Salary Information

Salaries associated with any team leader job can vary between different sectors. Not only will this depend upon one's unique experience, but the industry as well as the size of the enterprise both play equally important roles. For instance, PayScale estimates that the average salary of a team marketing manager is just over £32,000 pounds. Financial incentives such as commissions, bonuses and possible stock options have not been included within this figure. Experience as a team leader can lead to career progression such as that offered by department head jobs.

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