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Sustainability Jobs Overview Jobs in sustainability call for applicants with the vision and qualifications to move a ...

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Sustainability Jobs Overview

Jobs in sustainability call for applicants with the vision and qualifications to move a company forward in a manner that benefits people, the environment and company profits. This means that a candidate must possess the ability to formulate and implement strategies that make this goal attainable. The ultimate aim is to reduce wasteful consumption of resources and to find innovative ways to encourage others to support more sustainable business development processes.

Sustainability Jobs Education Requirements

Employers generally favour candidates who hold at least a bachelor's degree in business management or social sciences and the humanities. A bachelor's degree in environmental or chemical engineering can secure jobs in sustainability that promise a highly rewarding career. Candidates must also possess excellent verbal and written communication skills and the ability to inspire and motivate with their presentations. This means being familiar with the latest IT. Experience in any related field is a highly valued aspect of any CV. Experience in other environmental jobs is always a plus.

Sustainability Jobs Market

With the heavy global emphasis placed on the fragile state of the planet and the means to correct this, the sustainability jobs market is constantly seeking competent professionals. Jobs in sustainability are offered in both the public and private sectors and in most UK locations. As with most other professions, positions based in large cities like London, where the cost of living is high, are generally the most highly paid.

Sustainability Jobs Salary Information

The national average for those in sustainability managerial positions is £41,412 with those in London being, on average, 9 per cent higher. Salaries largely depend on the size of a company or organisation and the location of the sustainability job offered. Environmental consultancy jobs generally pay between £30,000 and £40,000, while entry level salaries are in the region of £20,000. For those in top jobs in sustainability salaries can rise to £50,000 and above with added incentive bonuses and other allowances.

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