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Support Job Overview Support jobs are highly variable, but usually involve either assisting a company to perform its ...

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Senior Operations Manager - Maidstone and Brighton Area

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Support Job Overview

Support jobs are highly variable, but usually involve either assisting a company to perform its key business, or assisting a lead individual to fulfil a key function. Examples of the former include residential support workers, who enable a care home or similar facility to operate. With respect to the latter, assistant supervisor roles, administrative assistants and similar posts all enable a more senior worker to operate effectively. Support jobs generally include less complex tasks than those assigned to a lead worker, as well as more generic work such as administration. Workers in a support capacity may be either full- or part-time and there may be opportunities for remote working.

Support Job Educational Requirements

The inconsistent nature of a support role means that educational requirements depend on the job under consideration. People aspiring to work in a support job need to select the sector best suited to their qualifications and experience in order to maximise their chances of success. For example, an occupational therapy support worker requires a good general education and excellent interpersonal skills, whereas an operations assistant will require high computer literacy, including the ability to use word processing packages, as well as good organisational skills.

Support Job Market

The diverse nature of the support job market means that there remains a high demand for support workers in various capacities. The need for employees is largely determined by growth in the sector under consideration. Support services in the media sector are expected to grow in the next few years, as this area of work is predicted to increase in size. Conversely, support services in administration are likely to be fewer in number as the sector is experiencing contraction which shows little sign of stopping in the immediate future.

Support Job Salaries

Salaries are variable, but generally a support worker is expected to command an average salary of £37,500pa. Salaries at the top end of the range may be as high as £42,500pa, depending on the specific nature of the role.

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