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Part Time Summer Job Overview Part time summer jobs are ideal for students and busy stay-at-home parents looking to ...

Sous Chef - 3 Star Coaching Inn

Arundel, South East/Southern, BN189AB
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Part Time Summer Job Overview

Part time summer jobs are ideal for students and busy stay-at-home parents looking to earn a little extra cash. The possibilities are almost endless, especially for anyone prepared to think outside the box, with opportunities available from part-time fruit picking jobs, right through to summer jobs which encompass time abroad.

Part Time Summer Job Education Requirements

Depending on the sector, initial education requirements may vary greatly. Seasonal work, for example in a school as an exam invigilator, shouldn't call for any specific qualification - you just need to be a reliable adult. If you have any sports leadership qualifications, life guarding or summer camp jobs can be quite lucrative, while if you have a teaching qualification, then GCSE or A Level exam marking can be done from home. Other jobs that don't require specialist qualifications also include pet sitters, babysitters, and housesitters.

Part Time Summer Job Market

Stay at home part time summer jobs are often the best option as you won't have to pay for accommodation, and they can be fitted around other work and commitments. Jobs in shops, cafes, and other retail sectors also become available in the summer months, particularly if you live in a tourist hotspot – or if you're prepared to move to one: Part time bar jobs often become available in summer, particularly in beach resorts. Hotels also recruit children's entertainment hosts, babysitters, and other temporary staff.

Part Time Summer Job Salary Information

Best approached with a little flexibility, part time summer jobs pay best if you are able to take one in a sector in which you already have some experience or qualifications. If you want to see the world, but need to be careful about your budget, part time work can help. If you have have a TEFL qualification- worth investing in if you want to travel- part time English teaching jobs often crop up in the summer months both in the UK and overseas. If you plan ahead a little (some airlines start recruiting in January for the summer) you could even find part-time summer work as a flight attendant, which is a good option if you're outgoing, and you don't need a degree.

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