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Sports Science Jobs Overview Jobs in sports science involve helping people improve their performance in sports. The ...

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Sports Science Jobs Overview

Jobs in sports science involve helping people improve their performance in sports. The aim is for clients to become healthier through the use of a scientific understanding of health and fitness. Those interested in science and sports are more and more willing to use sophisticated data to help people stay fit, and technology is helping people engage with their sport of choice more freely. Sports scientists commonly work alongside and assist sports teams, therapists and doctors in order to analyse and plan effective workout routines, design sports equipment and much more. This type of job usually involves working around 38 hours a week.

Sports Science Jobs Educational Requirements

Being organised is important for a job in sports science and, due to the collaborative nature of the job, communicating effectively with a range of people is equally vital. In terms of education, as this line of work involves using science and analysis, a degree in sports science is ideal, and something employers will be looking for. For those interested in both teaching and sports, PE teacher jobs offer graduates the chance to develop important skills in the next generation of sports scientists. The same can be said of lecturer jobs, which involve helping undergraduates hone their skills before applying for jobs.

Sports Science Jobs Market

Opportunities are increasing in sports science, as more and more people and organisations recognise the link between exercise and good health. Although this is an increasingly popular area of employment, with a great deal of competition, there is a 41 percent skill gap in the wider science & engineering sector, according to the ONS, to which sports science belongs. This means that those who have the skills can significantly improve their chances of becoming employed if they look for sports science jobs that are not teaching related, such as research and product development .

Sports Science Jobs Salary Information

Jobs in sports science offer starting salaries of around £18,000, which can rise to £35,000 with experience. In professional sports, this figure can rise even further, to as much as £60,000, according to the National Careers Service.

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