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Sports Marketing Jobs Overview

Sports marketing jobs are primarily centred around promoting certain events, teams, branding and even players to the general public. This role is typically oriented towards achieving a target profit margin or a certain level of exposure. Modern jobs in sports marketing also make use of the internet during advertising campaigns. Not only must candidates boast technical marketing knowledge, but superior levels of motivation and a sales-driven philosophy are both essential for success. Positions can include advertising account executive jobs and public relations officer jobs.

Sports Marketing Jobs Educational Requirements

The educational and employment resource Prospects observes that the qualifications for sports marketing jobs are similar to other positions within the field of marketing in general. Most applicants possess a four-year degree in business, advertising or economics. Other areas of study which could prove to be useful can include graphic design and art. Still, some companies may prefer those with little prior experience within this sector.

Sports Marketing Jobs Market

Data released by the National Careers Service emphasises that the demand for jobs in sports marketing is expected to increase into the future. Most professionals work on a full-time basis and only a few are listed within the self-employed category. The realm of sports marketing is open to both men women. The gap between these two genders in terms of pay and opportunities should narrow as more sports marketing jobs become available.

Sports Marketing Jobs Salary Information

Statistics released by Payscale indicate that a mid-level sports marketing executive can expect to earn just under £23,000 a year. Still, more specialised roles, such as social marketing strategist jobs, may have a higher salary. Other variables, including commissions, bonuses (often associated with the marketing world) and profit sharing, have not been included here.

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