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Sports Jobs Overview The sports industry provides opportunities for professionals of different kinds such as coaches, ...

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Sports Jobs Overview

The sports industry provides opportunities for professionals of different kinds such as coaches, fitness instructors, sales managers, marketing executives, and teachers among others. Professionals can choose to work in general fields or specialise in a specific sport. As more money goes into the sector, sports jobs continue to present themselves in many forms. Jobs in sports may involve working with a particular club, team, sports franchise or government agency. Dedication and a passionate understanding of sports will shape any career path that a professional follows in the industry.

Sports Jobs Education Requirements

Jobs in sports span a wide range of professions, meaning the requirements depend on the position and the field. Sports marketing jobs require applicants to have at least a foundation degree in advertising and marketing. Employers offering vacancies for sports management such as football coaching jobs will consider candidates with relevant degrees in fields such as sports coaching, health science, sports sciences and sports management. Medical professionals such as physiotherapists, sports nutritionists, and sports doctors must have the relevant bachelor and graduate degrees in their corresponding areas.

Sports Jobs Market

The UK has one of the most exciting sports sectors in the world. Football is by far the greatest contributor to the economy, but other activities such as tennis, Formula One, golf, athletics and cricket provide a good number of sports jobs. The £20 billion industry has been on an upward trajectory since the London Olympics, which saw the region get significant exposure. With some of the greatest sports events taking place in the UK, industries such as travel and tourism, food and beverage, sports equipment manufacturing and event organisation get a major boost.

Sports Jobs Salary Information

The starting salary for a newly qualified coach can range between £15,000 and £25,000 (local authorities), while one working for a professional sports club gets £30,000 - £35,000. A more experienced coach can earn up to £100,000. Sports agents are paid on commission, usually a percentage of a player’s contract. The remuneration of professionals such as marketers, doctors, therapists, and trainers in the sports industry varies widely depending on skill, experience, location and employer.

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