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Sport Job Overview In addition to a very small number of jobs as professional sportspeople (for example Premiere League ...

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Sport Job Overview

In addition to a very small number of jobs as professional sportspeople (for example Premiere League Footballers or world class show jumpers) there are also a large number of sports related jobs which offer attractive career choices. Coaching jobs are a popular choice, as they offer the opportunity to help others improve in their sport. There are also a number of careers within the fitness industry which involve enabling members of the public to exercise and play sport for health and fitness reasons safely and effectively. Often sports-related jobs are part time or sessional in nature and may require teaching skills in addition to an aptitude for sporting activities.

Sports Job Education Requirements

Gym instructors, fitness teachers and lifeguards require industry specific qualifications in addition to a basic level of literacy and numeracy. Qualifications include a Level 2 Certificate in Fitness Instruction for gym based teaching or a National Pool Lifeguard Qualification (NPLQ) to work as a poolside lifeguard. PE Teachers in schools require a degree as well as an appropriate teaching qualification. There are no formal educational requirements to become a professional athlete, but many athletes undertake training in an alternative job alongside their athletic career, as they are aware that illness or injury can bring their sporting career to a premature end.

Sporting Job Market

There are few vacancies for professional sportspeople and only very talented athletes are able to make a living solely from participating in their chosen sport. There remains considerable demand for appropriately qualified and experienced managers within sports and leisure services as well as a need for retail assistants specialising in sporting merchandise, gym instructors and sports coaches in a variety of disciplines.

Sporting Job Salaries

A coach working full-time can expect to earn around £37,500pa, whilst a lifeguard has an average salary of £16,622pa. Sessional fitness instructors can expect to earn anything from £10 to £20 a session. School PE teachers in the public sector are paid in line with nationally agreed teaching pay scales.

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