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Sports Coaching Jobs Overview A sports coach is responsible for teaching individual athletes or sports teams the ...

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Sports Coaching Jobs Overview

A sports coach is responsible for teaching individual athletes or sports teams the skills and techniques involved in a particular sport, as well as educating on general fitness issues. They can be involved with people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities, from beginner through to professional. A sports coach needs to have enthusiasm for and knowledge of the sport in question, an ability to inspire others, and the patience and determination to deal with sometimes challenging situations.

Sports Coaching Jobs Education Requirements

The specific qualifications needed for jobs in sports coaching will vary depending on the sport in question, but in general it will need to be a qualification recognised by the sport's National Governing Body (NGB). The relevant qualification can either be gained directly through the NGB, or it can come as part of a wider leisure job qualification earned at a college or university. If children are to be coached, then clearance will be needed from the Disclosure and Barring Service. For full time jobs, many employers will require a qualification such as a HND or degree in sports science.

Sports Coaching Jobs Market

The majority of sports coaches start out in local community work, before maybe progressing into a full career. Being able to show experience and dedication will be of great help, and this can be done by working in related voluntary jobs before being fully qualified. Coaching is a highly competitive profession, with professional ability often judged by the success of the athletes being coached rather than qualifications or other credentials.

Sports Coaching Jobs Salary Information

Jobs in sports coaching are often taken on a voluntary basis, or have only expenses covered. However, for paid positions, the hourly rate can vary between £10 and £20. Full time positions can attract a salary of between £14,000 and £22,000 or more, depending on qualifications, experience, and level of responsibility.

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