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Shop Assistant Jobs Overview A shop assistant job is a service position: it can be found at chain grocers and local ...

Shop Assistant

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Shop Assistant

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Assistant Manager

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Shop Assistant Jobs Overview

A shop assistant job is a service position: it can be found at chain grocers and local sandwich shops alike. A shop assistant ensures that customers are finding what they need and enjoying their experience. A sales assistant is not necessarily a customer service employee, but may be called upon to answer questions or direct customers to someone who can answer them. Where applicable, shop assistants also prepare hot drinks, move out-of-place goods, and other duties that can be completed while helping customers.

More experienced shop assistants will often have sales manager jobs, which involve ensuring that other shop assistants are working to best impact the shop's bottom line, as well as reprising their original duties when needed.

Shop Assistant Jobs Education Requirements

Although some companies require their employees to have graduated secondary school, formal education is often not needed to land a shop assistant job. On-the-job training is very common for the specific position. Experience is an asset, even if it is only in related positions such as cashier jobs. For those with no experience, temporary positions are often an option.

Shop Assistant Jobs Market

All businesses large and small need helping hands. As such, shop assistant jobs can be found pretty much anywhere there are supermarkets, grocers, department stores, coffee shops, along with other opportunities. There are many potential shop assistants looking for jobs, but the number of positions out there means that shop assistant jobs are among the easiest to find.

Shop Assistant Jobs Salary Information

A shop assistant will earn from £11,000 to £15,000 a year, depending on the business. Supervisory positions start at the top end of that, earning between £15,000 to £20,000. Because shop assistants typically work for wage, working part-time or shifts, this can have a large impact on your effective salary, as can working overtime or on nights or weekends.

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