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Shipping Jobs Overview Jobs in shipping cover a diverse range of activities and career paths. Shipbuilding and ...

Logistics Coordinator

Kent, South East/Southern, CT13PR
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Stock & Logistics Manager

Chatham, South East/Southern, ME75AE
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Shipping Jobs Overview

Jobs in shipping cover a diverse range of activities and career paths. Shipbuilding and repairs, coordinator and accountancy through to logistics, dealing with customer orders and arranging shipment around the world are all involved with shipping jobs, to name but a few areas of responsibility. The maritime shipping industry is a huge business, as is the shipment of packages and supplies, so there are many exciting opportunities to be had in these particular workplaces.

Shipping Jobs Education Requirements

Educational requirements depend very much on the types of shipping jobs on offer. For professional positions such as accountants, the usual CA qualifications will be required, whereas an office junior will almost certainly need GCSEs, particularly in English and possibly maths. On the maritime side, jobs in shipping such as a shipping and port manager will require a BSc (Hons), while mechanical and engineering jobs also require specific qualifications. Senior managerial posts may require a Bachelor’s degree.

Shipping Jobs Market

There is always a good selection of jobs in shipping available, whether it is within the maritime industry or dealing with shipments worldwide and all the related documentation. Accountants and managerial staff are just as much in demand as clerks and office juniors. Career prospects are excellent as both sectors are booming. Other options include cargo freight agent jobs or specialised jobs on board other types of ships.

Shipping Jobs Salary Information

A junior clerk may start out with the minimum wage of £6.70 per hour, rising to £7.20 for a person over the age of 25. A warehouse manager should expect, according to Pay Scale, around £31,000 per annum and an accounts assistant approximately £19,000. An Office Administrator will receive around £16,543, while a business development manager could earn £38,000 per year. These salaries apply to jobs in shipping and associated work in logistics, transportation and warehousing.

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