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Security Job Overview As the name suggests, security work is all about keeping people and/or things safe. Roles vary ...

Security Officer - Licenced Role

Portsmouth, South East/Southern, PO110DG
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Security Job Overview

As the name suggests, security work is all about keeping people and/or things safe. Roles vary from providing crowd control services at events through to work as a CCTV operative, checking cameras in shopping centres and similar environments for signs of criminal activity. Security workers may also be employed to provide personal protection (sometimes known as a body guard), ensuring safety at nightclubs or pubs (commonly known as bouncers) or ensuring the safety of building sites, warehouses or other commercial premises. Shift work is common in this industry and anti-social hours are also usual. Full-time work in this area often involves working forty or more hours a week.

Security Job Education Requirements

Educational requirements vary considerably depending on the nature of the work. Often the formal educational requirements are few, but workers will be expected to hold an SIA (Security Industry Authority) recognised qualification. These vary depending on the type of security work being undertaken (for example door work or CCTV operation). In addition, certain security sectors may favour candidates with suitable previous experience in the police or armed services. Candidates generally need to be physically fit and be capable of a friendly yet assertive manner when dealing with the general public in potentially challenging situations. Increasingly security firms are recognising the importance of employing people with good "people skills", particularly in work relating to event security.

Security Services Job Market

The demand for security workers remains reasonably constant, with some sectors, such as event security and the protection of information demonstrating good potential for employment. Specialist security workers or those with specific industry relevant qualifications are likely to find that there are a range of job opportunities available.

Security Worker Job Salaries

Salaries vary depending on experience and the nature of the security work. Information security roles (IT based work) tends to command a salary towards the top of that offered within the industry, whereas guarding premises is normally paid at a more modest rate. The average salary within in security work is £37,500pa.

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