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Science Museum Jobs Overview Science museum vacancies can make an important learning experience for people of all ...

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Science Museum Jobs Overview

Science museum vacancies can make an important learning experience for people of all ages. Those interested in igniting the public's interest in their subject of choice will love working in this environment, regardless of the type of vacancies available. Whether it's as an assistant showing visitors around, an archivist keeping records of all the displays, a curator revealing hidden messages or a conservator looking after the displays, anyone who’s ever had a science museum job has had a positive contribution to society and culture. Most positions are 40 hours per week with occasional weekend work, and science museum jobs are usually only demanding when there are important temporary exhibits on display.

Science Museum Jobs Educational Requirements

Many science museum vacancies will ask for degree qualifications. Conservators need a degree in conservation, and archivists need to be accredited with an ARA postgraduate qualification. In positions where interacting with the public is a big part of the job, such as museum assistance, skills in customer service go a long way, and a good grasp of the sciences helps. Those searching for assistant vacancies in science museums may also be interested in library assistant jobs, which similarly involve looking after the day-to-day running of important public buildings. If recounting historical facts is appealing, history teacher jobs draw on similar skills.

Science Museum Jobs Market

Science museum vacancies can be found in the leisure & travel, public & media, and science & engineering sectors. Statistics from the ONS and the UKCES show that positions in leisure & travel command an average salary of £18,591, and there is a 32 percent skill-gap, indicating that there is ample opportunity for people with the necessary skills. Science & engineering has an even greater skill-gap at 41 percent, so training to become a conservator or archaeologist with the aim of working in a science museum is a wise choice.

Science Museum Jobs Salary Information

Assistant curators can expect to be paid at least £20,000 a year, rising to £40,000 for senior roles. Conservators have a similar recommended starting salary of £24,648, while archivist salaries begin at £18,000, according to the National Careers Service.

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