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Sales Job Overview The United Kingdom generates billions of pounds in revenue through retail, commercial and industrial ...

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Sales Job Overview

The United Kingdom generates billions of pounds in revenue through retail, commercial and industrial sales each year. Interestingly enough, this sector is also a very accurate barometer of a domestic economy. In the same respect, a position in sales can offer the potential for significant rewards and advancement over time. It is for these reasons that many individuals are interested in what this sector has to offer. There are numerous different positions that can be chosen. A handful of common examples are field sales, retail positions, promotions, financial sales and sales managers. Let us take a look at this unique market in a bit more detail.

Sales Job Education Requirements

As sales is quite a diverse environment, qualifications and the possibility to secure a position are normally associated with the type of job desired. An entry-level sales associate may not require any experience while senior roles such as a pharmaceutical sales representative are likely to entail a prior knowledge base. Applicants in more discrete fields will normally boast a university degree in studies such as finance, business management or marketing. Notwithstanding educational variables, most companies prize individuals who are able to illustrate an appreciable level of hands-on experience. Traits such as excellent interpersonal skills, a strong desire to succeed and the ability to work in a competitive environment are all attractive. In some instances, these may have an even greater impact upon a potential opportunity than education.

Sales Job Market

Thanks to a diverse economy, the United Kingdom has always offered numerous different sales positions. With a greater shift towards international marketing, many experts feel that global sales will increase dramatically in the years ahead. Still, domestic sales offer both the novice and the professional a wealth of opportunities. In particular, sectors such as IT, technology and real estate sales are said to be some of the most promising.

Sales Job Salaries

Statistics illustrate that the median salary for a retail sales associate is £19,632 per year. Note that this general figure does not include any commissions and management positions can expect to earn higher wages.

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