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Retail Job Overview The retail industry is perhaps one of the most familiar industries. As purchasing goods and ...

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Retail Store Assistant (Fixed Term)

Crawley, South East/Southern, RH109BN
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Retail Store Assistant

Dartford, South East/Southern, DA11DN
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Retail Deputy Manager

Portslade, South East/Southern, BN411XF
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Retail Job Overview

The retail industry is perhaps one of the most familiar industries. As purchasing goods and services on a regular basis is almost always necessary for most people, it is likely that the majority of the public comes into contact with a retail employee on a weekly basis at minimum. In essence, this industry is involved with the production, distribution and presentation of products to the general public. As can be imagined, this is a very large field and naturally there are numerous positions that require very unique skill sets, for example a retail merchandiser or a retail sales associate.

Retail Job Education Requirements

According to statistics, the level of prerequisite education needed will correlate with the job title. For instance, a sales associate on the floor of a shopping centre may require very little prior education. However, a retail communications consultant or a field service manager generally dictate a higher level of education. On average, most upper-level retail positions will have at least a four-year bachelor's degree in sales, business management, finance or marketing. It should be noted that the relevance of these degrees will depend upon the intended job. Finally, robust communication skills and the ability to work within a fluid environment are important. Those seeking management positions should also exhibit leadership qualities and a talent for handling employee issues.

Retail Job Market

As consumers will always need goods and services, the retail sector is quite robust throughout the United Kingdom. This is also due to its notable diversity in relation to other sectors. With such a broad scope, this industry tends to be able to supersede any pronounced market volatility better than many other areas of potential employment. Still, trends that point to the desire for highly skilled workers are expected to become more prominent as time progresses.

Retail Job Salaries

Current retail sales assistant jobs provide an average annual income of £19,633. The most likely cause for this is due to higher competition and cost-cutting techniques by some businesses.

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