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Retail Assistant Jobs Overview Retail assistants make up a large portion of the workforce within the United Kingdom. ...

Salon - Retail Assistant

Havant, South East/Southern, PO9 1HA
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Retail Assistant

Brighton, South East/Southern, BN20AL
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Retail Assistant Manager - Gosport

Gosport, South East/Southern, PO121LG
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Retail Assistant Jobs Overview

Retail assistants make up a large portion of the workforce within the United Kingdom. Retail assistant jobs vary depending upon the specific role as well as the company in question. Common within the industry are sales assistant jobs, customer service representatives, inventory coordinators and general floor personnel.

Retail Assistant Jobs Education Requirements

Different firms will require different skills of the retail assistant, depending on, among other things, the product and the manner in which it is being sold. It is therefore important to look over the exact qualifications required for the specific job. Nevertheless, compared to some other service-oriented roles, there are relatively few educational requirements associated for a retail assistant job. Hands-on experience and on-site training tend to be more useful than a university-level degree; however, those interested in supervisory roles such as a store assistant job could benefit from a degree in business management, sales or accounting.

Retail Assistant Jobs Market

The majority of those employed within the retail assistant sector work on a part-time basis. Data released by the National Careers Service reveals that the job vacancy rate in this sector is only 15 per cent. This is in contrast to the national average of 23 per cent. Unfortunately, the number of retail assistant jobs is expected to decrease between now and the year 2020 (from 1.66 million positions to 1.59 million jobs), which means that competition will almost certainly increase in the next few years.

Retail Assistant Jobs Salary Information

The average salary for a retail assistant job will vary between sectors, experience and position, but salaries are typically low due to the lack of educational requirements and competition. Retail jobs tend to be short-term and part-time, but sticking with a single company and rising through the ranks can be worth the effort. For example, according to PayScale, assistant managers in retail can earn an average of £20,000 pounds per year, but this rate could increase to £27,000 pounds when taking into account profit sharing, extra commissions and sales bonuses.

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