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Renewable Energy Jobs Overview Renewable energy jobs are in relative high demand throughout the world. As ...

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Renewable Energy Jobs Overview

Renewable energy jobs are in relative high demand throughout the world. As technologies become more efficient and as the supply of fossil fuels diminishes, we will see a pronounced paradigm shift into this sector. Process engineer jobs, wind energy specialists and photovoltaic consultants are a few examples of the positions that this sector has created. As the entire industry is expected to widen in the coming years, entrance into this workforce is becoming more and more of an opportunity.

Renewable Energy Jobs Education Requirements

In the majority of cases, any renewable energy job will require a strong educational background. This is especially relevant for qualifications in science, maths and ecology. It is always wise to posses a BSc or a BA to stay ahead of the competition. While many companies now provide in-house training and orientation, applicants may wish to bolster their skill sets by obtaining further experience through City and Guilds courses. These certifications could revolve around solar power, natural gas or efficient electrical systems.

Renewable Energy Jobs Market

Although there is no doubt that technical and scientific skills will serve to define many renewable energy jobs, there are also countless other areas to consider, such as business development manager jobs. According to official data compiled by the National Careers Service, the entire renewable energy sector is projected to add no less than 1.78 million jobs between now and 2020. Getting in on the proverbial "ground floor" is therefore critical for those who hope to begin a long and rewarding career.

Renewable Energy Jobs Salary Information

The median salary associated with a typical renewable energy job is approximately £30,000. This is considered to be an entry-level rate and those with experience have the potential to earn more. Similarly, specialist roles such as power engineers can earn higher salaries.

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