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Quality Assurance Job Overview Quality assurance professionals are sometimes known as quality control technicians. ...

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Quality Assurance Job Overview

Quality assurance professionals are sometimes known as quality control technicians. Their job involves ensuring that goods meet established quality standards and comply with the relevant legal requirements. Quality assurance professionals work in a variety of industries, including automotive, food manufacturing, pharmaceutical, and engineering. Routine tasks may include checking products for defects, overseeing the production process, product testing, reviewing internal quality control policies and recommending amendments, writing reports, and dealing with enquiries and complaints from the public and the media. Anyone wishing to pursue a career in quality assurance must have a keen eye for detail and knowledge of the industry in which their company operates. The ability to meet strict deadlines and to work under pressure is important, and so is having knowledge of national and international quality control standards. Jobs in quality assurance are generally full-time and can take place in offices, factories, or laboratories.

Quality Assurance Job Education Requirements

The majority of employers require candidates to have at least GCSEs or vocational qualifications in a subject relevant to their industry. Completing college courses in production management or having a university degree in engineering or a relevant subject can also facilitate entry into the profession. Training generally takes place in-house, and quality control technicians can take advantage from advancement opportunities by gaining a professional qualification, such as the certificates and diplomas offered by the Chartered Management Institute.

Quality Assurance Job Market

Recent studies have suggested that there are skills shortages in the quality assurance industry, so the job market needs specialist technicians with industry-specific and in-depth knowledge of their sector. There are several specific roles that are believed to have good employment prospects. Some of these include jobs as acompliance consultant, quality assurance auditor, and quality control analyst.

Quality Assurance Job Salaries

Recent statistics have shown that entry-level employees and trainees can expect to earn anything between £12,000 and £15,000 per year. Experienced employees earn average salaries that range between £27,000 and £47,000 per year, with average wages being in the region of £37,500.

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