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Public Sector Job Overview Public sector jobs typically involve working as an employee for a government agency. These ...

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Public Sector Job Overview

Public sector jobs typically involve working as an employee for a government agency. These may be either central government agencies or local government agencies. Central government agencies offer roles such as civil servants while local government agencies include positions like library assistants, environmental health provisions or policy development. Public sector jobs are enormously diverse, incorporating office roles, work outdoors, skilled labour and carer positions. Workers in the public sector tend to have generous working conditions, including paid holidays and sick leave as well as opportunities for training and development, incremental pay rises and access to occupational health services if required. Both full-time and part-time posts are available, as well as opportunities for casual work and overtime in some sectors.

Public Sector Job Education Requirements

Educational requirements depend on the nature of the post under consideration and will often be similar to those required for an equivalent private sector position. For instance a nurse will need the same professional qualifications whether they are working in a NHS funded hospital or a private one. The public sector can offer excellent opportunities for trainees to undertake further professional development, benefiting from an increased salary and further responsibilities as their professional expertise grows. Accounting technicians are a good example of public sector employees that can often undertake further "on the job" professional training.

Public Sector Job Market

Constraints on public sector spending in recent years have meant that overall job growth hasn't grown significantly. The growth in part-time positions and flexible-hour contracts is reflected within the public sector employment opportunities, with an enhanced number of temporary contracts and limited-hour contracts being utilised in many different areas of the sector. Whilst public sector employment still frequently offers enhanced working conditions compared with the private sector, the differences between the two sectors are less marked than was the case a few years ago.

Public Sector Job Salaries

The average rate of pay in the public sector is around £37,500 per year for full-time work, usually in a professional field.

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