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Property Management Jobs Overview With the increasing popularity of buy-to-let properties, we see a number of ...

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Property Management Jobs Overview

With the increasing popularity of buy-to-let properties, we see a number of landlords in possession of a quantity of rental properties that they lack the time and/or resources to manage effectively. For anyone with a keen organisational mind and an interest in the property sector, then jobs in property management could be an ideal career move.

Generally speaking, a property manager is responsible for the administration of a rented property. They are required to conduct a thorough examination of local rental rates and associated business costs to set a desirable rental price, as well as showing prospective tenants around with the ultimate aim of securing a signature by espousing the benefits of both the property itself and the broader local area.

Property Management Jobs Education Requirements

As is typical of management positions, the completion of higher education course in a relevant discipline – real estate management or property development, for example – is necessary to demonstrate sufficient aptitude. However, there are more entry-level options and qualification routes available, as the Association of Residential Letting Agents offers members courses in property management.

Working in a more junior capacity, for example assistant property management jobs, is also an excellent way to develop knowledge and skills through practical application.

Property Management Jobs Market

As can be expected, the market for jobs in property management is dependent on housing growth, and with an ever-expanding population it is a fairly safe bet that the level of opportunity will remain somewhat stable.

Property Management Jobs Salary Information

According to a survey of 447 individuals in the UK, jobs in property management offer a median salary of £22,367 per year. However, this number can vary widely depending on the actual owner of the property – 15% of respondents reported a yearly income of between £29,000 and £40,00. Significant salary increases are attainable with career progression, such as asset management investment jobs.

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