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Property Development Jobs Overview Thanks to a budding real estate market, jobs in property development are able to ...

Commercial Property Solicitor

Brighton, South East/Southern
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Property Development Jobs Overview

Thanks to a budding real estate market, jobs in property development are able to provide a qualified applicant with steady employment and a rewarding career. This is also a reasonably diverse sector. Roles can include project manager jobs, civil engineer, or even architect roles. Of course, these can be very demanding positions, and the competition is understandably high. Only those with the most relevant educational background and skills will be accepted into high-level positions of authority.

Property Development Jobs Educational Requirements

Most property development jobs are associated with some form of higher education. It is also wise to mention that degrees should be tailored to the intended title. For example, mechanical project manager jobs are likely to require a degree in engineering. Other hands-on roles, including site manager jobs call for a background in leadership roles and even logistics. It can likewise be prudent to obtain additional accreditation, such as a Level 2 Degree in Property Maintenance, from the City and Guilds certification scheme.

Property Development Jobs Market

The property development job market is considered to be quite strong at the present. In fact, the UK Commission for Employment and Skills estimates that an additional 1.76 million property development jobs will be created between 2016 and 2020. This is due to both urban renewal and to the increasing number of individuals who are now seeking life within more rural areas.

Property Development Jobs Salary Information

Payscale illustrates that jobs in property development are associated with median salaries of between £18,000 and £22,000. However, there are other positions, such as a real-estate development manager, that may earn significantly more. These figures can sometimes reach well above £50,000. Profit sharing, overtime and commission are not included within this rough breakdown. Anyone searching for a rewarding role in the property development and real-estate industry will be pleased with what this sector has to offer.

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