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Project Management Jobs Overview Managing a project requires excellent attention to detail, a strong sense of ...

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Project Management Jobs Overview

Managing a project requires excellent attention to detail, a strong sense of responsibility, and the ability to resource and structure teams with the necessary knowledge and skills to develop a project successfully, as well as being good team players. Project management also demands the strong accounting skills necessary for cost estimation, the development of a budget, setting up schedules for ensuring that deadlines are met, and the assessment and mitigation of potential risk factors. Communication is a large part of the job of project manager, as constant liaising with clients and team managers is essential. The project manager will also be responsible for testing the final product and delivering it to a client.

Project Management Education Requirements

A degree is not always required for project management jobs, although qualifications in related fields such as IT or business administration will give candidates a competitive edge. Entry requirements will depend on the industry of choice with some employers offering internship programmes and graduate schemes. Strong communication and organisational skills will need to be demonstrated, as well as an aptitude for numeracy. A familiarity with current market trends and the ability to optimise IT resources in determining these will always impress potential employers. Those seeking a career in project management can contact university careers services, or bodies such as The Association of Project Management for advice on maximising their employment potential.

Project Management Jobs Market

Project management jobs are diverse, such as construction project manager jobs, positions with engineering firms, software producers, project manager jobs and manufacturers, as well as commercial retailers and architects. The demand is constant and those with the right credentials are assured of finding a project management job to suit their particular set of skills.

Project Management Jobs Salary Information

The median salary range for a construction project manager is between £34,000 and £51,000, while the IT field sees top salaries reach £57,250. It is, however, varied depending on job and work experience.

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