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Project Coordinator Job Overview Regardless of size of enterprise and number of employees, it is typical for ...

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Project Coordinator Job Overview

Regardless of size of enterprise and number of employees, it is typical for businesses to organise their work and clients in terms of projects. As project size scales up, a project manager jobs may require the delegation of responsibilities to ensure that efficient operation is maintained. In these scenarios, more day-to-day duties are assigned to those working in project coordinator jobs.

The actual functions and responsibilities assigned to a project coordinator vary from company to company and are dependent on the specifics of the project at hand. Generally speaking, though, those working in these positions can expect to handle administrative duties (maintenance and quality control on relevant project documentation, for example) and, if applicable, light engineering duties integral to successful completion of the project.

For larger operations, a project coordinator may also be required to take on responsibilities more often assigned to a junior project manager, such as ongoing analysis of risk and opportunity as it pertains to the work being done, tracking relevant financial information, and providing schedule updates and progress reports to those in more senior positions.

Project Coordinator Job Education Requirements

Although a relevant bachelor’s degree is an effective indicator of a candidate’s aptitude, those in charge of recruitment for project coordinator jobs are more likely to be impressed by relevant experience in project management and the practical knowledge that it brings. Ideally, a combination of higher education and previous experience will allow you to stand out from other applicants.

Project Coordinator Job Market

The National Careers Service classes project management as belonging to the 'Public & Media' sector. The job market in this sector is expected to expand at a steady rate of some 3,000 positions per year up to 2020.

Project Coordinator Job Salary Information

A survey of 774 individuals working in project coordinator jobs found a median annual salary of £23,232 with approximately 15% of respondents reporting annual income of over £27,000. Career progression to department manager jobs, for example, can see salaries rising.

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