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Probation Officer Jobs Overview

Probation officers work to help and supervise those serving prison sentences. Working to help prisoners affect a change in their lives, probation officers have to approach their work with an open mind, as well as possess tremendous communication skills. The main roles of a probation officer will be interviewing offenders, working with victims of crime and filling out paperwork. Those in probation officer jobs will work a standard, full-time week of between 37-40 hours. There will also be some travelling around the local area to be done in this time, such as going to court, attending community sessions and visiting prisoners.

Probation Officer Jobs Education Requirements

To work as a probation officer, it’s common for candidates to start out with smaller probation services officer jobs first, and then work towards an internal promotion. Before achieving this promotion, a candidate must complete an honours degree in Community Justice and a Level 5 diploma in Probation Practice. There is then an option to complete a graduate diploma in Community Justice. Working beforehand in criminal justice system jobs may also help a candidate's application for probation officer vacancies. Once qualified, there is a constant stream of training to help said officer achieve their highest potential in their career.

Probation Officer Jobs Market

There is a healthy number of probation officer jobs available. Currently, there are 35 probation officer trusts around England and Wales, employing over 9,000 staff and, in 2016, the National Probation Service is launching a new recruitment drive to attract a wealth of new candidates.

Probation Officer Jobs Salary Information

Probation officer vacancies offer very stable salaries. The income for a probation services officer starts at £22,000 a year and can reach £27,000. For a fully-qualified probation officer, this sum can ascend to £35,000 annually.

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