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Prison Service Jobs Overview Although the first prison service job that springs to mind is of a prison officer, HM ...

Reception Nurse- HMP Isle of Wight

Newport, South East/Southern, PO305RS
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Specialty Doctor - Community Paediatrics

Acorns Child Development Centre, Ke, DA146LT
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Prison Service Jobs Overview

Although the first prison service job that springs to mind is of a prison officer, HM Prisons employs people in a wide variety of positions, including administrator jobs, health, teaching/training, and various aspects of rehabilitation and pastoral work. Positions within the prison service are ideal for those who can form working relationships with a wide variety of personalities, can keep a cool head and make fast decisions, and can assert authority when necessary in a firm but fair way. Workers in the prison service may have to accept moving to another part of the country to find employment.

Prison Service Jobs Education Requirements

There are no prior educational requirements for prison officer jobs, although experience and training in the police, military, or security industry will be an advantage, and this provides a change of career choice for people with those backgrounds. All necessary background, security, and aptitude tests will be taken as part of the recruitment process, which also includes character assessment. For other positions within the Prison Service, the relevant qualifications will need to be supported by formal security clearance and background checks.

Prison Service Jobs Market

Despite the wide range of positions available, the number of people working in the prison service is fairly static, and so job opportunities mostly only arise through normal employment turnover. About two thirds of those working in the sector are men, and one third women. There is a good career structure for Prison Officers, with a natural progression towards senior officer posts and then governor grades.

Prison Service Jobs Salary Information

An entry level Prison Officer can expect a salary of between £16,000 and £19,000, although this can rise fairly quickly up to around £31,000. Salaries for other positions will vary, although you can expect a slight premium over equivalent non-prison jobs because of the particular working conditions.

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