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Prison Jobs Overview Prison work is more varied than it might first appear. Alongside the most prominent role of a ...

Prison Teacher

Rochester, South East/Southern, ME11AA
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Clinical Lead Nurse (Elmley Prison)

Eastchurch, South East/Southern, ME124DZ
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Prison Jobs Overview

Prison work is more varied than it might first appear. Alongside the most prominent role of a prison officer, there are also jobs available in administration and secretarial positions, health, education / training, and support work. That said, the most common position in HM Prisons is that of a prison officer or warder. Candidates for prison jobs should be able to work well with people from all backgrounds and of all personalities, must be able to think on their feet, keep calm in an emergency, and also be able to be authoritative and assertive if necessary.

Prison Jobs Education Requirements

All positions in the prison service will require security and background checks to be passed. There are no formal educational requirements for prison officers, as aptitude tests and character assessment are part of the recruitment process. Previous experience in ex-army officer jobs, the police, or security jobs will be an advantage, and people with backgrounds in these occupations may consider a sideways move into the prison service to open up a new career path.

Prison Jobs Market

There is little fluctuation in the amount of people employed by the prison service, and so job opportunities will mainly only come up because of retirements and so on, and this can make entry difficult. Nonetheless, there is a good career structure open to prison officers, with promotions to senior positions and ultimately governor grades available. Around two thirds of prison employees are male, one third female.

Prison Jobs Salary Information

Prison officer salaries start at around £16,000 but can reach up to around £31,000 fairly quickly as experience, training, and increasing responsibility is taken into account. Other types of prison work will attract slightly over the going market rate given the nature of the working environment. Potential prison workers should be aware that relocating to another part of the country might be necessary in order to find employment.

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