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Post Office Job Overview In the UK, post offices are run by Post Office Ltd or its franchisees, depending on location. ...

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Post Office Job Overview

In the UK, post offices are run by Post Office Ltd or its franchisees, depending on location. In suburbs and small towns, the businessman operating as a Post Office franchisee is usually the local grocer or newsagent, and an employee working for the establishment usually juggles the duties of a Post Office Assistant with those of a salesman. Depending on the type of post office, a position may involve various duties, such as selling stamps and post shop stationery, weighing parcels, processing payment, exchanging foreign currency, selling travel insurance or holiday packages, paying pensions and benefits, cashing in utility and tax payments, issuing tax discs, registering motor vehicles, performing identity checks, receiving driving licence and passport applications, etc. The job tends to be called Post Office Customer Service Assistant, as it has become increasingly customer-focused. People working for the Post Office might find themselves interested in other public sector jobs, such as Government Library Jobs or Town Clerk Jobs. Knowledge and skills in the public sector can be used across various types of jobs.

Post Office Job Education Requirements

Formal academic qualifications are not required when applying for the job, but candidates must have numeracy, literacy, accuracy and organisational skills, as well as an eye for detail and some sales experience, preferably. An NVQ qualification may come in handy, and it may be attained via college programmes or specialised training providers. DBS checks and health declarations have become the norm, and a probationary period may be established. Post office recruits undergo an initial 4-week training programme, either at their post office or an assigned training branch.

Post Office Job Market

As there are over 500 Post Office branches and around 12,000 agents across the country, there is no shortage of post office jobs on offer at any one time, and apprenticeships are offered to candidates as young as 14 years of age.

Post Office Job Salary Information

As most franchisees are small business owners, they may choose to pay the national minimum wage. The Post Office, however, tends to pay between £15,000 and £16,500, with Customer Service Assistants based in London and other large cities earning slightly more. Post Office Managers working in large retail stores may earn up to £24,000 p.a.

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