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Plant Operator Jobs Overview Plant operator jobs are generally based in the construction and building industry, ...

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Plant Operator Jobs Overview

Plant operator jobs are generally based in the construction and building industry, although various other opportunities exist. A plant operator must be familiar with the operation of large machines and vehicles such as excavators, bulldozers, tower cranes and loading shovels, as well as having a basic knowledge of the mechanics involved. Daily safety checks on the machine being used also forms part of the plant operator's duties. Securing a plant operator job requires a certain level of fitness and also the ability to work alone, or as part of a team. Construction plant worker jobs will generally involve travel to different locations as projects are completed.

Plant Operator Jobs Education Requirements

Although no formal qualifications are usually required, plant-related technical certificates, or a diploma in construction can impress. Work experience is highly valued, meaning acquiring a general job on a construction site is helpful. Many employers will then provide training in plant operation. There are also apprenticeship schemes. What will be insisted upon by most contractors is a CPCS card, which proves skills competency, as well as knowledge of the health and safety regulations pertaining to the industry. The ability to concentrate and follow instructions is essential, as well as the ability to communicate clearly and effectively.

Plant Operator Jobs Market

Plant operator jobs can be found with building and civil engineering contractors, as well as with local authorities. Plant operator job opportunities may also exist in sales or industrial training programmes, although the construction and building industry is the most likely source for a plant operator or construction jobs. Jobs in this industry can be full time, part time as well as on a contract basis.

Plant Operator Jobs Salary Information

Trainee plant operators can expect to earn in the region of £13,000, which - with qualification - can reach £19,000. The experienced plant operator can command an average of between £20,000 and £26,000, which can be supplemented by bonuses and overtime. Salaries for supervisory or management positions will depend on location and duties.

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