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Pharmacy Overview There are several types of pharmacy jobs available in the UK market. Those working in pharmacist ...

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Pharmacy Overview

There are several types of pharmacy jobs available in the UK market. Those working in pharmacist jobs are in charge of preparing, verifying, and dispensing prescriptions, advising patients on dosage, side effects, and administration of drugs, preparing specially made drugs according to the relevant industry standards, and keeping track of stock, including controlled drugs. Pharmacy technician jobs are supervised by pharmacists and include the dispense of drugs, providing advice, and may also involve the delivery of basic health services like diabetes screening, blood pressure checks, and smoking cessation programmes. All pharmacy jobs require outstanding attention to detail, good interpersonal skills, and willingness to undergo continued professional development.

Pharmacy Education Requirements

Pharmacists are required to have a specialised university qualification known as MPharm. This four-year degree is then followed by one year of training, after which you will need to pass an exam offered by the General Pharmaceutical Council. Qualified pharmacists must register with this professional body before they can practice. Pharmacy technicians should have a level 3 NVQ, BTEC, or HND in Pharmaceutical Science or Pharmacy Skills or a Buttercups qualification at level 2 or 3.

Pharmacy Market

The pharmacy job market offers opportunities in hospital pharmacies, pharmaceutical companies, high street and independent pharmacies, community health centres, or other establishments where drugs are regularly dispensed, such as supermarkets or GP surgeries. According to the NHS, there are more than 6,000 pharmacists working in public sector hospitals, and a similar number works in high street pharmacies. Qualified and experienced pharmacists have good career development prospects in the private sector, particularly in areas like management, R&D, or quality assurance.

Pharmacy Salary Information

Pharmacy technicians may be paid hourly wages or an annual salary amounting to £19,000/year for full-time jobs. Entry-level pharmacist salaries average £21,000, whereas experienced pharmacists and those in managerial roles may earn up to £70,000 / year. NHS roles are subject to a different pay scale, known as the Agenda for Change pay system.

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