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Pharmaceutical Jobs Overview Pharmaceuticals is one of the largest industries in the UK. It is a source of numerous ...

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Pharmaceutical Jobs Overview

Pharmaceuticals is one of the largest industries in the UK. It is a source of numerous pharmaceutical job opportunities and professional careers. The work that professionals in the industry do is varied and of great importance in any economy. This industry is responsible for coming up with medical equipment, medication, and treatment alternatives for the world’s diseases. Individuals working in the pharmaceutical field are mostly motivated to improve lives. Different sectors in the industry cater to a variety of needs a society may have. Some of the areas that an individual can work in include research & development, pharmaceutical engineering, biopharmaceuticals, pharmacy, manufacturing and sales. The UK pharma sector keeps growing by the day, and is responsible for some innovative products and technology.

Pharmaceutical Jobs Educational Requirements

Requirements have become more stringent for pharmaceutical job applicants. The field of science is particularly demanding, and individuals looking to work there should have a minimum of a master’s degree. A doctorate is an added advantage, and helps with career advancement. Other sectors of the pharmaceutical industry, such as sales and pharmacy, can take undergraduate degrees for entry level jobs. Pharmaceutical companies look for graduates with skills in different areas. For instance, biotechnology jobs and senior clinical research associate jobs call for a formal educational speciality in the field, as well as some degree of training. Other areas of study that can secure individuals their pharmaceutical jobs include mathematics, control, chemical, physics, software, mechanics, environmental studies, electronics and power systems.

Pharmaceutical Jobs Market

The boom in the UK industry has increased pharmaceutical job opportunities. Research shows that the industry was responsible for about 183,000 jobs, with 28 percent of these involving work in the supply chain, and the remaining percentage working for healthcare manufacturing companies. The research and development field is also a thriving one, especially as the world is in need of medical solutions in terms of new technology and treatment for numerous diseases.

Pharmaceutical Jobs Salary Information

Salary averages for pharmaceutical jobs vary with specific fields. For example, a clinical research professional can start with a salary of £20,000, while someone in drug safety with the same experience could earn up to £30,000. Similarly, a senior research scientist can average £42,500, while a marketing executive only around £22,500.

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