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PE Teacher Jobs Overview

PE teachers work in secondary schools and colleges, both state and independent. Their jobs involve preparing physical fitness lessons for a wide variety of young people with different needs, holding those lessons themselves, and motivating any students who might need it. As with all teaching jobs, they're required to understand their students, their family, and the school system, and to attend both meetings and school events.

PE Teacher Jobs Education Requirements

Similar to other teacher jobs, PE teachers most often acquire qualified teacher status (QTS) to obtain their positions. This is obtained through ITET, or Initial Teacher Education or Training. ITET can be completed through university education or work-based training at a school; in both cases, you must have reasonable GCSEs, passes in numeracy and literacy skill tests, and you must pass an enhanced background check by the Disclosure and barring Service.

PE Teacher Jobs Market

Compared to other teaching jobs, the informal and formal fitness requirements of PE teacher jobs mean that PE teacher jobs are not held as long as others. This means that it is reasonably feasible to find a PE teacher job if you are appropriately qualified. Many PE Prospective PE teachers may also qualify for teaching assistant jobs, which in some areas of the job market may be easier to obtain or are in greater supply.

PE Teacher Jobs Salary Information

Though schools have some flexibility to set their own salaries, the pay scale for PE teachers in state schools is from £22,466 to £33,159 a year, per the National Career Service. Those PE teachers who reach the top end of the standard pay scale may move to the higher scale, which starts at £35,570 and reaches £38,250. Private schools typically take PE teachers on as unqualified teachers, with salaries ranging from £16,461 to £26,034 per year. In all cases, both state and private, salaries are higher in inner London.

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