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Part-Time Job Overview As the name would suggest, part-time work consists of a job in which fewer hours are worked than ...

Delivery Station Manager

Littlehampton, South East/Southern, BN17 6LS
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Sports Technician

Eastleigh, South East/Southern, SO505ZA
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Regional Property Manager

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Part-Time Job Overview

As the name would suggest, part-time work consists of a job in which fewer hours are worked than in a full-time position. The exact number of hours that constitutes a part-time job varies, but is typically less than thirty. Part-time jobs may involve working one or two full days, or be available for a few hours five or more days a week. Any job can be part-time, but highly flexible work such as work from home positions are particularly likely to be part-time. Such work may also be seasonal in nature, for example summer jobs. Some part-time work operates on a job share basis, where two people undertake to fulfil a full-time role between them.

Part-time Job Education Requirements

The educational requirements for a job are the same regardless of the number of hours which a job is worked. For example, a part-time shop worker will probably need the same skill set as a full-time worker. Occasionally workers may be taken on for part-time hours initially, with a view to increasing them to a full-time position should the successful candidate prove suitable. Some employees see part-time work in their career of choice as a good stepping stone towards obtaining full-time hours in their chosen career.

Part-time Job Market

Recent business trends in flexible working, zero-hour contracts and demand-led staffing has resulted in a large number of part-time jobs becoming available, particularly in the hospitality and service sectors. This means that often part-time work is relatively easy to obtain, but employees may need to dovetail two or more part-time jobs in order to work sufficient hours to make a living wage.

Part-time Job Salaries

Salaries for part-time work broadly mirror those for full-time work, but on a pro-rata basis. Workers who are paid hourly will be paid in the same way as a full-time worker. For example, the average pay for a maid or housekeeping worker is £6.94 per hour, so part-time employees in this field will be paid £6.94 x number of hours worked.

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