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Part Time Admin Jobs Overview Often simply referred to as "part time admin jobs", the positions that part-time ...

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Part Time Admin Jobs Overview

Often simply referred to as "part time admin jobs", the positions that part-time administrators fill are quite common throughout the United Kingdom. These roles can be ideal for those with children or who may have other daily responsibilities which preclude them from securing full-time employment. Some examples of a part time admin job can include admin assistant jobs, financial services, secretarial work and accountancy roles.

Part Time Admin Jobs Education Requirements

Study.com recommends that a part-time Administrative Assistant should possess a two-year degree in fields like Accounting or Business Management. It is also wise to have a working knowledge of computers and data collection systems (such as Excel and Microsoft Office). Training or entry-level positions can include working with sales-oriented software as well as understanding the basic principles behind data entry. As this is not a full-time role, the exact requirements may be more flexible and less demanding.

Part Time Admin Jobs Market

Unsurprisingly, the market for Part Time Admin jobs is quite strong. However, the National Careers Service points out that the number of administrative assistant jobs is predicted to decline by 2020. The good news is that those with the correct skill sets will be in even higher demand. This can lead to more robust salaries and a wealth of opportunities for upward mobility. This same data also states that there is a shortage of skilled labour in reference to the Part Time Admin job. Applicants who are motivated and can demonstrate a proficiency within this field will, therefore, do quite well.

Part Time Admin Jobs Salary Information

The average salary (according to Payscale) for a part-time administrative assistant is £15,628 per year. However, the number of hours will naturally have an effect upon the total amount earned. This roughly equates to between £6 and £10 pounds per hour. Those with more experience or with unique skills can take home much more. Once again, this will depend upon the employer, the nature of the job, and the applicant.

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