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Overseas Jobs Overview Overseas work is a very broad sector and, naturally, specific roles will require equally ...

Detainee Custody Officer - Overseas

Crawley, South East/Southern, RH10 0AF
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Overseas Jobs Overview

Overseas work is a very broad sector and, naturally, specific roles will require equally specific talents. Some examples of overseas opportunities include hospitality management, international project manager jobs, construction supervisors and professional translators. Salary, working conditions, benefits and other factors will all depend on the relevant country and industry.

Overseas Jobs Education Requirements

The exact education requirement for a given job will depend upon the specific role in question. Overseas advertising jobs will require at least a four-year BSc in marketing, advertising and digital communications, whereas translators would need to be certified by an accredited institute, etc. Qualifications for an overseas job are generally speaking the same as in the applicant's country. Businesses are simply looking for qualified workers. It is always helpful to speak the language of the country where the overseas job is located, but this is not always necessary.

Overseas Jobs Market

The job market for overseas positions will primarily depend upon the skills of the applicant as well as the country where he or she intends to work. For example, the United States' economy has been growing steadily since the 2008 recession, with thousands of new positions opening up every month. The US tech market in particular is booming. In contrast, weaker economies such as Spain, Portugal and Greece have all seen the demand for foreign workers shrink over the past few years.

Overseas Jobs Salary Information

The salary will be entirely dependent on the position in question and the country in which the position is located. Exchange rates can also factor in. Keep in mind, too, that jobs outside of the United Kingdom may not pay the same rate that a UK worker would expect. For example, a marketing manager can expect to earn £27,017 (2015) in the UK; the same job may pay substantially less in a country with a struggling economy, but this is not guaranteed.

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