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Operations Manager Jobs Overview The term 'operations manager' covers a wide variety of duties, which depend on the ...

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Senior Operations Manager - Maidstone and Brighton Area

Aylesford, South East/Southern, ME207FG
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Operations Manager Jobs Overview

The term 'operations manager' covers a wide variety of duties, which depend on the industry in question. For example, an operations manager job for a logistics firm will have a very different job description from that in a healthcare company. Nonetheless, there are many transferable skills in the role that can be learnt and reapplied from sector to sector. Many companies hire operations managers to deal with the day-to-day workings of a firm, so the role is suited to managers who like to be at 'the business end' of an organisation.

Operations Manager Jobs Educational Requirements

Most operations manager jobs are filled by applicants who have already worked in a similar post or industry, or by people who have learnt on the job within the given sector. For many operations manager jobs, no formal educational qualifications are needed, but a sound ability to read and write reports, a mind for numbers, the skill to use IT systems and the ability to think logistically are all required. In larger organisations, ongoing training in operations will be expected, for instance by gaining a City & Guilds diploma, or similar.

Operations Manager Jobs Market

Many of the operations manager job vacancies that are available today are in the field of warehouse management, goods-out functions or with logistical operations jobs. However, they can also relate to the everyday running of any sort of organisation, from the charity sector to local government departments and local authority jobs. For experienced professionals with a sound track record in operations management, there are plenty of opportunities to pursue.

Operations Manager Jobs Salary Information

Salaries for entry-level operations manager jobs begin at £20,000 per annum, but jobs with a salary of £25,000 are not unheard of. Senior operations managers who have a number of years' experience behind them can expect pay at around £30,000 a year, according to the government's National Careers Service. Top-level managers working in specialist fields which call for know-how can expect to exceed this level of pay.

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