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Operations and Logistics Job Overview What defines the field of operations and logistics' In essence, this sector is ...

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Operations and Logistics Job Overview

What defines the field of operations and logistics' In essence, this sector is comprised of service and professional personnel who specialise in the production, transportation and maintenance of goods and services within the United Kingdom. Thus, there are indeed many different roles within such a broad industry. From packaging supervisors to freight tracking and plant managers, the roles for such fields are as varied as they are challenging. Operations and logistics are an absolutely critical sector that the entire country relies upon. Therefore, employment opportunities can be rewarding.

Operations and Logistics Job Education Requirements

For most duties within this field, applicants will require a university degree and depending on the sector, two-year or four-year degrees may be necessary. As should be expected, the exact specifications will directly correlate to the job position in question. For example, a transportation planner will likely need experience in applied sciences, operational engineering and general planning. A professional employed as a waste management specialist could require a degree in chemistry, transport or general engineering. Candidates should be aware of the varying educational routes in to logistics, and should be prepared to work under pressure, communicate efficiently with others and be able to handle what can frequently prove to be a busy schedule.

Operations and Logistics Job Market

Statistics point to the fact that in the United Kingdom, operations and logistics professionals are in high demand. This is partly the result of a recovering economy (specifically within the manufacturing sector). However, a number of foreign workers have entered the marketplace and competition is therefore high. Those with the proven educational qualifications and experience are likely to fare better than one simply seeking an entry-level position.

Operations and Logistics Job Salaries

Data has illustrated that the average salary to be expected in the logistics and operations fields is approximately £29,700 per year, which is slightly lower than in 2013.

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